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Expect the unexpected on Olav's Bike Tour. Let me show you the true character of Amsterdam. Let's go beyond all the highlights everybody you read about in your city guide book. The city itself is the real star and I will make it shine to you. Promise. 

Amsterdam Bicycle City

Bicycles have been abundant in Amsterdam since the end of the 19th century. Most "Amsterdammers" cannot imagine life without it.  A bicycle is by far the best way to go from A to B and to explore the city and it's surroundings. But you have to know how, when and where to go. Well, that's where Olav is entering the stage!

Olav will be you tour guide for half a day. We will start at our house in the center of town, get prepared, take some water and maybe some coffee with us and then set off for the ride. We can go in many directions, depending on weather, inspiration and your fitness. We could first cross the IJ-river heading North, where I will show you some stunning views of the city, then go to East, to South, and finally to West. Along the road you will come to understand the magic and the power of the circular city design. We will see how Amsterdam was designed and laid out in the past, but also how it is now, and how it will look like in the near future. You will  see city sights, really nice countryside, the harbour among many other things. We will hit the edges of town, watch the crazy car traffic on the highways above us. You'll watch cargo ships sail to the Rhine or go out  to sea. But to be honest, we could set off in any direction for an impressive and highlyentertaining bike tour. 

Click here to get a photo impression of the tour

Safety and Catering

We will follow bike lanes only, and the group is not going to be very big, so it is absolutely safe. On the way we have time and opportunity to grab a coffee, a soft drink, or an ice cream.  Or a broodje kroket or half-om, a herring or kibbeling. Or we can sit down somewhere in the park and have a picnic, brought to us by Martine of Martine’s Table. You also can bring your own food and drinks, if you want to. It’s all up to you. Let me know if you send us the contact form


Costs etc.

  1. Price: € 150 for a ½ day tour (4 hrs.) regardless of group size.

  2. Price is fixed (based on time) and regardless of group size.

  3. Group size will be 5 persons max.

  4. Start between 10 - 12 hrs. 

  5. Price does include home made coffee, water and some cookies for on the road.

  6. Payment via PayPal at least 72 hours in advance. Costs of payment on behalf of the customer.

  7. Any extra hour: € 25,-


  1. Lunch / picnic created and delivered by Martine’s Table on a picnic half way: € 17,50 pp. (no alcoholic drinks)

  2. Lunch after tour at Martine's Table € 25,- pp. (including some beer or wine)

  3. Bike rent: there is an excellent bike rental next door.  I can make reservations for you., but you have to pay yourself of course when we pick them up.

  4. It's optional, it's your trip, so you can choose whatever extra's you want (and if there are no extra's: that's fine we are happy if you are happy!)

Please note:

  1. Standard price does not cover any extras, like refreshments, ice cream, sandwiches, admission fees,
    picnic brought by Martine, etc.

  2. No alcohol, no marihuana or any other drugs.

  3. We do not cover the Center of town. You should walk there to enjoy it.

  4. You have to be fit enough for a 30 km. bicycle tour in and around town.

  5. If it’s (too) rainy: trip is cancelled. Believe me, it won't be fun. You will receive a full refund apart from the payment costs. 



If you are interested in doing the Amsterdam Bike Tour with me, or want to make a booking: please send a message incl. preferred date & number of persons, if you want lunch, etc. so we can sort out all necessary details quickly!