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olav's 'my amsterdam' tours

history - architecture - personal insights

Beyond The Highlights

​Amsterdam is a beautiful city. With a rich history and with a bright future. Famous for city planning and for social and political development. A town that always was and still is a little different. Where locals happily live their lives. A city that is attracting thousands of expats per year. And it's is a major tourist attraction for many good reasons.

Most visitors tend to focus on highlights and history. But Amsterdam is so much more than a bucket list of highlights packed in some history. If you go with me, I will lead you beyond the highlights. We might pass a few of them, but they are not the main objective. Amsterdam is a living creature, a fascinating town with a past, and a present. I've been around all my life, and I've seen the city grow and change every decade or so. That's the city I'd like you get to know better.


As a born local I'll show you My Amsterdam in a unique way. We could visit different parts of the city, all with their own specific qualities and beauty. We could stop for a coffee and a have a snack in a local bar or café if you wish. Grab some street food. Catch the subway or a tram, if you wish. Expect the unexpected. Let's go beyond the highlights you read about in your city guide book.

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A tour with me is going to be as personal as you could probably hope for. It all starts with your personal interests, time you want to spend with me, etc. We will agree on the starting point, we’ll meet, and off we go. I included a map with some ideas for tours, all starting from the Amsterdam Museum. Click and have a look for itineraries. If you don’t like secrets, and just want a highlight tour: fair enough. There are lots of other tour guides to choose from!

Specs. and price

Price is important. To give you an idea:

Duration: 3 hours

  • Group size: 1 - max. 6 persons

  • Starting point and finish: to be agreed upon

  • Tour Price: € 120, - (price is fixed and independent of number of participants)

  • If you book a dinner too, Tour Price = € 100

  • Tour Price is not covering any guest expenses, e.g., public transportation, drinks, food, bike rent, etc


If you are interested, please drop a line using the contact form.

Tel me all necessary details. If you want to go walking, or on a bicycle. What are your main interests. I will answer a.s.a.p.
Looking forward to you meeting you and to show you around! I am sure you will love it. 

About me

I was born in 1954 in Museum quarter close to Van Gogh Museum and Rijksmuseum. My father and older brother were architects, they gave me a lot of useful insights in architecture and city development. My mother was an great cook and host, and a wonderful and caring person. She taught me the important lessons of life. I had classical piano lessons for almost 15 years and taught myself how to play guitar. I graduated as a biologist at Amsterdam University, had a successful musical career as guitar and keyboard player for more than 10 years. I worked as marketing researcher and as an internet marketing developer in major Dutch companies. My wife Martine and I had our own busy French restaurant for more than a decade. Martine's Table is my major occupancy for the past years. I am politically active in neighbourhood, and every now and then I write a blog about things that strike me. I still create, play and record music. Find more at

When I went to primary school I had to cross Museum square four times a day with my mum, craving for a herring every time when we passed the herring man. Rode my bicycle under Rijksmuseum going to Barleaus Gymnasium, opposite the famous Paradiso venue, which I visited regularly. When I was studying Biology at the Amsterdam University, I lived in De Pijp, back then known for bad housing conditions, now a busy and popular neighborhood. Since 1979 I live in the heart of the city (de Burgwallen, Old Town) close to Central Station since 1979. Overall, I have been a witness of the total make over of Amsterdam in the past decades. Interesting stuff I would definitely like to share with you.

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