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The Sars-Cov-2 (Corona) virus raged around the planet and caused a worldwide lock down. Martine’s Table cannot host communal dinners under the current rules, a.k.a. the 1.5-meter society. It is unsure when the situation will return to normal. We must invent a new normal. It is time for us to look back and forward.

Looking back

In the past four years our communal table brought hundreds of lovely, friendly, and open people together. All dinners brought joy to our house, knowledge, fun, different views on all possible subjects, and even some music. We got to know people from all over the world. From 5 continents and 61 different countries to be exact. 

​Our basic rule always was and is there are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet. Everybody we met proved that to be true. From the bottom of our heart we thank each and everyone of you who joined us for dinner and had the courage to try us out. Thanks to EatWith too, for all their support. We tried our best to cook a decent and homey meal, to serve good wines, beers, and spirits and to take care of you, to entertain and to show you our Amsterdam. We will never forget what you gave us in return. It was all far beyond our imagination; all your reviews are proof of that. We lived in an adventure that we never regretted for one second and thought would never end. But it did.

The unwanted standstill yields time. Time to think, to be creative, to evaluate, to do other things. This is what we are up to. 


Online activities

We are going to use Zoom or YouTube to organize Online dinner events or Cooking classes. We are working on that with our friends at EatWith. We hope to go live soon! If so, they will appear in our agenda. 


City Tour

We walk and bicycle a lot in Amsterdam. That brought inspiration for a completely new City Tour in Amsterdam.



Olav started posting a personal Blog, covering daily life in Amsterdam, and thinking about the future. You can follow it on our website. 


As a Thank You to all our former guests we posted a short video on YouTube, of still photos of Amsterdam during the early days of the lock down. After seeing it, many people wrote us back, we received impressive and sometimes heartbreaking letters. Thank you for that too.


Well, that is all part of life now. Anything good and interesting we will come up with, will be posted here. Check us out every now and then or send us a message with your ideas and comments. If you make an account on our site, or check in, you will be automatically prompted if something changes.


Maybe our paths will cross (again), one day. 

Good luck to you, your family, and your friends.

That you all be safe and healthy.

And that something good comes out of this.


Warmest regards,

Martine & Olav


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