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Delicious  food, fine drinks, great company

Martine's Table

rated nr. 1 home dining experience in amsterdam

Our motto is: there are no strangers, only friends we haven't met yet. We will never forget our two last dinners, as we will never forget any our dinners, or particularly you, our guests. The two days before the lock down, on Fri 13th (!) and Sat. 14th we had two very private dinners, each with two guest only, from Utah and from the UK. Great conversation, honesty, mutual understanding, we made new friends. They wrote amazing reviews, as many of you did before. All those reviews showed not only that you had an enjoyable dinner with us and the other guests, and helped us spreading the word, but they also reflected that you recognized and appreciated what we tried to do all those years. That was moving really. You can read all reviews on TripAdvisor and on the EatWith platform.


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