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Surprise Tour: Discovering The Other Places

Go with me on a Surprise Tour in Amsterdam. Away from the crowds, into the great unknown, like being on a City Safari. You never know what you are about to see and experience, but it's gonna be a memory forever. Get real local insights from a true insider and born Amsterdammer. 


Amsterdam is a magnificent and beautiful city, with an astoundingly rich history covering almost 800 years, and with a bright future. Rich in architecture, in city planning and in social and political development. A place that always was and still is a little different. Where locals happily live their lives. A city that is attracting thousands of expats per year. And Amsterdam is now a major tourist attraction. Most visitors concentrate on going to the highlights, as described in Travel Guides and advertised on Tripadvisor. And for good reasons: those places are worth your visit!

The Other Places

But there is so much more to see and experience in Amsterdam! I call those The Other Places. That's where I would like to take you to. Go with me on a personal tour beyond the highlights of Amsterdam, away from the crowds.  We will wander through different parts of Amsterdam, all with their own specific histories, qualities and beauty. We will walk quite a bit and maybe we will catch a tram, a bus or the subway once in a while. I will show you around and tell the story. We could stop for a coffee and a have a snack in a local bar or café if you wish. You decide how much time you want to spend on your tour.



Where exactly do we go? What precisely is it that we are going to do? That’s a secret that will be revealed during our trip. You decide how much time you want to spend with me, and I will set out a special itinerary. I will communicate the starting point to you, and that’s it. It's like a surprise menu. If you don’t like surprises, fair enough. There are lots of other tour options to choose from!


Time and money

A basic tour will take two hours and will cost € 85,- regardless the number of people (max. 4) persons. If you want to spend more time: every additional 1/2 hour wil cost € 35,- extra, counting from the first minute of the extra hour. In short:

  • Duration: minimum 2 hours.

  • Price: € 85,- for first two hours

  • € 35,- per additional hour (it's up to you to decide how much time you want to spend)

  • Group size: 6 persons max. 

  • Start: 10 am or 1.30 pm. 

  • Total walking distance: about 7 Km / 5 Miles. You have to be good walkers. Unfortunately not all places we go to are wheelchair accessible. Sorry for that. But if there is a wheelchair: tell me, and we will find out if I can work out a solution. ​


  • Price is not covering expenses for public transportation, drinks, food, entrance fees, etc.
    But please understand: None of these costs is mandatory! If we only walk and do not stop for a drink etc. there will be no additional costs. 

  • Time spent while we are having an optional drink or a snack is still time, so it counts as time. 



Please send me a  message if you are interested in doing a tour with me. Tell me how much time you want to spend, the date and how big your group will be and I will get back to you asap. Looking forward to meeting you!


Pleased to meet you!

My name is Olav, I was born in 1954 in Amsterdam in the Museum quarter, close to the Van Gogh and Rijksmuseum. Going to primary school I crossed Museumsquare four times a day with my mother, wanting to eat a herring every time we passed the fish stall. I learned to swim in the beautiful Zuiderbad (which still is there) and I rode my bicycle under the Rijksmuseum going to Barleaus Gymnasium.

I graduated as a biologist at Amsterdam University. Had a successful musical career as guitar and keyboard player. I worked as a marketing researcher and as an marketing professional in the early days of the internet. My wife Martine and I had our own busy French restaurant for more than a decade. Martine's Table is currently our major occupation. Read more about it on this website. 

As a student I lived in De Pijp, once a poor area with bad housing that people tried to escape from; now a busy and popular neighbourhood. Since 1979 I'm living in the heart of the city with Martine, on the oldest canal in town, close to Central Station. 

I  love my city and know it well. I would like to show visitors the real beauty of it. I guided 100s of tours, mainly for WithLocals where you find many reviews. Recently I decided on a different approach that does not really match with their ideas and strategy. So now you can book me directly for this tour through our own website. Send me a message to book!


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