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About us

My husband Olav and I are born locals. In 2014 we decided to sell our well known and busy traditional French restaurant on the Western Islands in Amsterdam. We took a year off, traveled around a bit, painted our house, and when we came back we decided to repurpose our passion for hospitality and gastronomy by organizing dining experiences in a more intimate setting: in our own home!


What to expect

We offer 4 course meals, including drinks. Expect traditional European and Dutch dishes with a contemporary twist. Created from fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, paired with thoughtfully selected wines. Sprinkled with lively conversation and some good background music for a relaxed and entertaining home dinner. 

Click to see examples of Bistro Dinner ​​and Traditional Dutch.



We live in a cozy, modern decorated apartment in the heart of Amsterdam, overlooking the oldest canal in the city. We are located less than 5 min. walking distance from the Dam and the Central Station. Easy to reach from any place in Amsterdam.


We are the nr. 1 spot in Amsterdam on TripAdvisor since October 2017 and were awarded with the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2018 and 2019. 


Corona regulations

For your and our safety and protection we follow the local Corona regulations. Therefore, we host private dinners only, and no communal tables. Group size should be 6 persons max. All guests should belong to the same household or traveling group. We do not share dinner with you at the same table, but of course we are there to cook for you, to talk and to give you insights and tips regarding Amsterdam as we were used to do!

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